4G is 4U, UC?

I keep seeing these new cell phone ads that have video chat.  I don’t get it.  Since the invention of texting, voice usage is WAY down.  Guys just don’t like to talk, so who exactly did they invent this for?

According to mobile marketing survey companies, text messages are sent and received at a 75% higher rate than voice calls.


  • It’s impersonal.  (Phone calling for men is usually reserved for someone they really care about.)
  • Men get to keep their distance.
  • Control.  The man gets to control the conversation.  He answers WHEN he wants to. Women are usually better verbally, type faster, often talk about 2 and 3 subjects at the same time (guys like to talk only about one thing at a time) and frankly, men can’t keep up.  All this makes the usual guy very nervous and left feeling out-of-control, a feeling that must be avoided at all costs.
  • Editing.  On a phone call, it’s pretty easy for a guy to stick his foot in his mouth and usually, there is no turning back.  With texting, he can look over what he wrote several times, edit it, spell check it, and THEN send it.  Heck, he can even type a message and just not send it.  He can hit the auto-save feature and visit it in the morning to see if he still feels the same way about the subject before sending it.  Men love this degree of control.
  • Men are lazy.  Instead of keeping up with the conversation, they will insert emoticons (smiley faces) or acronyms (like LOL) because they really have nothing to add to the conversation.  It makes both parties think they are participating when in reality, men just can’t keep up.  How are men gonna fake it on a video chat?  Hold up an LOL sign?

So, who would use this feature?  I guess daughters who need to call their moms.  That’s about it.  Even at that, that will last a few calls.  Women are usually very critical of other women, especially moms.  When mom nags you that you haven’t cleaned your room in a week or that you need a haircut, the worn-out daughters will put their video chat on permanent INVISIBLE status.

And for women?  Even though women DO like to talk versus using texting, women don’t generally care about the visual.  We’re not gonna turn on the video chat feature because frankly, we like to multi-task when we talk.  We can be ever so attentive listening to your story of how your new date stood you up, your boss took credit for your project, or how you have to take your cat to the vet WHILE we are ironing, folding laundry, or painting our toenails.  By your seeing what else we are doing while we are talking to you kills the importance of whatever YOU’RE talking about.  Ya?  No!  Women won’t use this feature either.

How is this feature gonna pay for itself?  Well, it will eventually be used by men IF it involves sex.  Men who are in so-called long distance *relationships* will use it for phone sex.

The girls who participate in video chat for phone sex purposes will eventually also put their status on INVISIBLE.  Sooner or later, that ‘ew’ factor just kicks in.  It’s only a matter of time before she realizes that he’s down for video chatting because he’s too cheap to take her out on a date.  This gets old to most of us ‘attention whore’ type of girls.  We like to be shown off in public.  How are we gonna runway our new shoes or clutch our new bags when there is no one to see them?  The creep on the line certainly isn’t interested.

So…where does this all take us?

They spent all this money WITHOUT THE SUFFICIENT MARKET RESEARCH to confirm IF the public would use such a tool.

I predict in a year, by inventing 4G for the purpose of bringing video chatting to the public, will result in our (the entire cell phone user base) having to pay $10 more per month in data fees. 

Dummies.  Take your 3D and video chat-featured phones and put them where the sun don’t shine.  We don’t want them.  How ‘bout you give us features we actually will use to make our lives better?  I guess I had better go re-program my auto-pay to send in $70 per month for data versus $60 come next September.  Grrr!

4 thoughts on “4G is 4U, UC?

  1. wow, im out of the loop. I didnt really think about the possability of phone video sex…lol. Im not all that sure that guys like me or my buddies would get into that, but who knows. Im thinking its more for the younger people. I just redid my service and went with a better phone, and i picked one with the android stuff and app capable. Yep it took me years to jump on the band wagon, but the selling feature was the touch screen. no bumpy numbers to accidently get pushed, and the numbers can actually be seen in the darker parts of a room, and with my eyes, thats a good thing.
    I generaly dont text just to be texting. Its like going to the store for me, where ya go in, get what you need and get the hell out. I type my message, get a reply, and im done. So basicly, i guess i would like to see the breakdown to include the different age groups.

    • yes. thats my take on men using this service.

      as for men using this video chat for pleasure (non-business) or non-family (ie a military man calling from overseas), i dont see it.

      i speak from experience. when i interviewed the 20,000 men for the book, there were some who wanted to video chat. i told them i would only do it if they behaved (not made the call sexual) and they agreed. even at that, the call in very quick order went sexual (them wanting phone sex). i had to terminate the video portion to continue the interview.

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