TweetChat. How to sign up and what is it?

TweetChat.  What is it?  It’s a townhall-type meeting where like-minded people gather to talk about a particular topic or issue.


What are other formats that are similar? 


  1. It’s like IM with multiple, concurrent users.
  2. It’s like where you have a host and multiple listeners who call in to a radio show.
  3. It’s like a popular blog where multiple users leave comments to the host on a particular blog.


Why is it fun?


  1. Because you can “talk” directly to the host.
  2. It’s live – in REAL time.
  3. You can talk with other users on that day’s session.
  4. You can see what others are saying about the topic, others can see what you are saying about the topic.
  5. Basically, it’s fun because it’s INTERACTIVE.  You will find new and old friends who are passionate about the same subjects you are!


How do you get on?


  1. If you’re not already on Twitter, sign up for an account now:  You can hop onto Twitter in virtually every format…iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, Blackberry, PC and Macs.  You can share your favorite internet activity on your Twitter account, e-articles, blogs, YouTube videos, and more…and now, your favorite DT4M moments!


The Twitter icon is that bluebird that you have been seeing on most advertising.


Sometimes, it is represented by the letter ‘t’, 


  1. Now that you have a Twitter account, go to  Use your Twitter sign-in handle to log-on (no need to have yet another account).  TweetChat will securely authenticate you with your same Twitter handle.  Once it has verified you, you will be returned to the TweetChat site.


At the top of the website, next to the words TweetChat# type in my chat site handle, dt4menchat and hit GO. 


You might want to bookmark this site.  If you forget, the logon URL is:


How to use TweetChat?


  1. Message to #dt4menchat.  Type your message and hit UPDATE.  Be patient.  It may take up to 30 seconds to load to the chatsite.
  2. The lower toolbar is the same as on Twitter.


X means Start Thread.
Left arrow means REPLY to a specific user.
Right arrow means RETWEET.
The ‘person’ icon means USER CONTROL.  You can use this icon to either FEATURE or BLOCK.
The ‘star’ icon means save this as a FAVORITE.


As a courtesy, when you use the REPLY or RETWEET buttons, it’s always polite to say a couple of words as to what you liked about what that person said.  REPLIES and RETWEETS will automatically go out to all of YOUR tweeters, not just the ones on the TweetChat.  Because of that, it’s a great way to spread the word about something/someone you really like.


Just like Twitter, the CHARACTER COUNTER is in the top right corner of the TweetChat box.  You can use a maximum of 128 characters.  If you exceed that amount, the number will go negative, as in -5.  That means you have 5 characters too many and must do some chopping or abbreviating.


If you link a pic or website address to your TweetChat, it will automatically shrink the URL to a mini-URL to better fit in the TweetChat box.


What are some of the TweetChat features?


PAUSE.  If the TweetChat is going too fast and you wanna pause to reply to someone, just hit PAUSE.  Hitting Pause again will resume the feed.


As a newbie, you may wanna slow down the feed to refresh every 25 seconds or so.  As you get better at following, you can lower the REFRESH speed.  Reduce to 20 or 15 as you become more proficient at Tweetchat.

Same as above.  You can use this tab to either FEATURE or BLOCK.


Switch from Enlarged font back to Normal-Sized font.


Share a pic, link an article, blog, or website to your post.


How often do TweetChat groups get together?


Usually once a week, for one hour.  Some moderators choose a specific topic for that day.  Some moderators have a before and after session beyond the scheduled hour.


How to find TweetChat groups and what date and time they come on?


There are about 700 TweetChats as of this writing.  You can check subjects, dates, and times here:


Who is #dt4menchat?


LINDA GROSS is a Men’s Advocate and is a Gender Differences Expert.  As a Men’s Advocate, I empower men to tap into their innate skills to use in business and to win over women.

I interviewed over 20,000 men in finalizing the research for my book.   Look for my upcoming book, ’The Formula’, which is in its final edits:


I have a degree in Psychology from UCLA.  I had a weekly cable tv show, have been a co-host and guest on dozens of radio shows, was a top 10 blogger for years, and offer one-on-one consulting as well as seminars.


I look forward to seeing you on my TweetChat, Tuesday’s at 9pm, EST (6pm, PST).


Also, visit me at:

(woof, the blog ate all the screenshots.  i will come back and post all the tutorial pix so you can see clearly what im talking about.  Luv, DT)