He’s got style, he’s got swagger, he’s got game…so?

Meet our man of the hour…Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy.  Wtf is wrong with him???

He is good looking, comes from well-to-do parents, is a business owner himself (he just opened a new restaurant in NYC), has no problem getting any girl he wants, has money, has two parents who are still married…what gives?

His damn baby mama, Kourtney Kardashian only has sex with him (once a year) to pop out another kid to play with her existing kid.

On her latest rant, she feels that Scott doesn’t do enough around the house…so, he must do some chores, like turning off the lights or turning on the alarm, to collect enough points, 10, to earn sex.


Here is the clip that didn’t make it to the show…see what you think.

This is definitely getting buzz with the ladies who think this is the best thing since sliced bread.  While it is true that most men are lazy when they are at home, heck it’s probably because they bust their tail all day at work so they can provide for her and the children.

From her end, she’s one of the biggest control freaks I can think of.  How she got all this status, I gotta tell you, my jaw drops in amazement.  For some woman to have that much control over a guy, girl, you gotta teach me YOUR tricks.  Wow.

I think she definitely is the least attractive of all the Kardashians.  Ya, she might jointly run their clothing store Dash, with her two other sisters, I think she has no discernible talent.  Every time I hear that droning voice I wanna stick the most expensive Bose noise-cancelling headphones I can buy to drown her out.  She works out and got back in shape after the baby.  So what?  Most Hollywood actresses have the same destiny if they wanna continue to stay in the spotlight.

What decade are we in that women have to withhold sex to get something in return?  She’s not needy or financially challenged.  Dump him and find someone else.  I guess her antics are so out-there that this drama is good for ratings.  What I fear is that lots of women observe her behavior and then condone it as their own.

What disgusts me is that Scott doesn’t need to do any chores.  They can well afford a live-in maid.  “Turn the lights out?”  Put the lights on a damn timer.  They are about $8 at the hardware store.  “Turn the alarm on?”  Most new alarm systems are digital.  Pull out the manual and figure out how to program the unit to go on and off at given times.

He’s not a shy, little dweeb that will never get a hot chick.  He’s Scott Disick.  He is the definition of A**hole, the kind that most women love and crave.  As for ‘what’s in it for him’?  I don’t know.  All I can think of is that he will forego his most beloved sex for fame.  Is the Kardashian train worth some sacrifices?  Sure.  About a year’s worth, I’d say.  He’s had his run.  He’s got his name in print…now leverage that and move on.  No Kardashian pussy is worth losing your manhood over…and that includes mom, Kris…ugh…that’s another blog (Olympic Gold Medal winner in the Decathalon, racking up an astounding 8,618 points, Bruce Jenner) for another day.  I’m choking on my Wheaties as I speak…

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