My position on the Donald Sterling ban.

I think most blacks are missing the point. In my opinion, this tape is the greatest opportunity to finally MAKE a statement on race relations in the last fifty years…greater than the Civil Rights Movement, greater than OJ, greater than Rodney King, and greater than Trayvon Martin. I think many blacks are not keeping their eye on the correct target.

civil rights act of 1964.  5-14

I am grateful that Commissioner Silver imposed the stiffest fines he could, but it doesn’t end there.

First off, Sterling, with his billions, and a lawyer himself, is going to fight the selling of his team every which way ’til Sunday.

Then, there are the owners (see how they made their money) themselves. Are they going to get 29 board members (owners) to oust their own? That would almost be like a doctor ratting out another doctor, even though malpractice was involved.

The more important question is IF the 29 NBA owners force Sterling to sell, what should become of that money? Who cares if an ownership change occurs as that money will just go back into Sterling’s pocket. That’s ridiculous. Some or all of that money should go towards an endowment to subsidize black homeownership and black education. THEN, he will feel some pain.

C’mon. He’s 81 years old and now has prostate cancer. Banned for life? Who cares? Because of his condition, he likely would not have been able to attend the games or visit the clubhouse in the near future anyway.

Sterling is not going down without a fight. He will likely die before any such sale takes place. This could easily be held up in the courts for 10 years. Another possibility is that ownership will be transferred to a family member, like his wife. Good luck on that one. She’s as big a racist as he is. She also is not without scandal herself. She posed as a government agent to try to evict minorities out of their apartments. That suit got settled for $2.7 million dollars.




So? What’s a player to do? Numbers talk. I recommend that the entire population of black NBA players stage a ‘Bench Day’. 24 hours is enough to get everyone’s attention. Since more than 78% of the players are black, they will be heard loud and clear.

During that time, they should ask that Sterling or the NBA franchise set up an Endowment Fund. It is a long shot that they will force Sterling to sell…and anytime soon. If they do, that money should fund the endowment. In the event the sale gets tied up in the legal system, the NBA should set up a fund from 5% of the owners’ profits.

Why do I say homeownership and education? The unequivocal difference between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ has always been, and will always be, real estate and education. This is the quickest way for blacks to close the gap on status and power.

Washington Bears professional basketball team, 1943.

There are some who say that we need to reinstitute a Black Player’s League. That’s not going to work, either. There’s more to it than just buying a team or having a league. In today’s economy, it’s not about playing the game as much as it is about money. Having a League is pointless unless you also have television rights. Having television rights is pointless unless you have advertisers. As for the number of black athletes, that’s where there is clout. Having a Bench Day would make an impact. Blacks do not hold a substantial majority in television/media or with advertising (corporate sponsors).

stiviano.  5-14Don’t focus on the petty. V. Stiviano is the petty. She is entirely irrelevant. I wouldn’t punish her in the least. She did us all a favor.

Who is being called a racist or not is also irrelevant. What’s relevant is that racism still is going strong in this country. We have a decided opportunity to make history.

Bench Day. Game on. Let’s go!

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