About DT

Today we have LINDA GROSS, who goes by the penname ‘DT’.  She’s a top ten blogger who writes the popular column, Dating Tips for Men.  She is a men’s advocate who champions men being men.  Due to the fallout from Women’s Lib some 35 years ago, we have a social climate that it’s somehow no longer okay to be a man.  She sets out to right this wrong.

DT interviewed over 20,000 men to research her upcoming book, THE CAVEMAN FORMULA.  After a generation of men who were raised by single and/or overbearing moms, many men today are at a great loss with how to interact with women, much less win them over.  In gathering the research for her book, she found that many men are resorting to:

  1. being cocky or arrogant
  2. being players
  3. being that guy waiting on the sidelines afraid to make a move and/or
  4. flat out resignation

DT asserts that you can be CONFIDENT and still remain a gentleman…and she shows you how.  She tells men how to be more effective with women and helps them avoid doing the things that hold them back.  Her tips are straight to the point, easy to do, irreverent, funny, and entertaining.  Her advice offers much more than just Dating Tips.  She shows how to lead a fulfilled, passionate, and happy life that covers so much of the human experience.

By liberating men, it is her conviction that not only men, but women and children, will be elevated in this men’s movement.  She believes society as a whole will come to a collective understanding and stop all the game playing that is so prevalent today.

Visit my book page: THE CAVEMAN FORMULA.

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2 thoughts on “About DT

  1. I wish you’d post more pics of yourself. You are such a hot MILF! I don’t mean to be crude. Just honest. I saw your old MySpace with the pics of you lying in the bed and the other with you posing in that HOT miniskirt…. the miniskirt pic gave me a bulge as I couldn’t stop thinking about having my head trapped between your thighs.

    You are an amazing writer, but I wish you’d post more pics of yourself like you used to. Unf. 🙂

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