Synchronized gas day.

Depending on what kind of mileage you get, you usually fill up the tank every 7-14 days.    For my car, it’s usually every 14 days.  My bf and I have what I call ‘synchronized gas day’, meaning that we run out of gas and need gas on the same exact day.  What in the heck are the odds of that?  (1 out of 15 for a twice monthly fill-up?)

This last week, I skipped two of my long drives because the other party was on vacation, and I added a completely different (long) drive that I do once/twice a year, meaning that my usual routine was off.  Even at that, we still ran out of gas on the same day. 

I have even tried to outsmart the odds by filling up on Tuesday instead of my favored Thursday  when I still have a quarter tank left, and guess what?  Two weeks later, I am still out of gas on Thursday

I liken this phenomenon to girls and their periods. It’s been researched that when new female roommates or female office workers get together, their periods synchronize to same day starts. 

Since my bf and I don’t have the same hormones, I guess you could say we have synchronized gas days. Haha.  How about you?

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