Your next move is Hard-Coded.


As I was reading a fellow bloggers post, Genetics Determine Everything.  The author was taken aback by a lecture he had recently heard.  The lecture was presented by Dr. Robert Schrire, an emeritus professor at the University of Cape Town.  What struck the blogger was the lecturer’s statement “that ‘free choice’ is a myth, as it relates to who we are, what do we, and how we think and act” and “so very much of who we are is genetically pre-determined.”

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Taken aback?  Yes?  But that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

This and other astounding revelations are the crux of my book, The Caveman Formula.

As I combed through the research from 10,000 years ago as to how men handled relationships back then (compared to now) and after having interviewed over 20,000 men on their thoughts and actions regarding relationships, I, like the doctor above, agree that much of what we do is already scripted.  I also claim that NOT MUCH* HAS CHANGED over thousands of years.

*our actions and reactions

Are we human?  Yes.  Do we have the ABILITY for higher, cognitive reasoning and choice?  Yes.  Do we use it?  No.  We often only use that aspect of our brain when we are forced to.  The other 95% of the time, we operate from our animal instincts.  We are animals.  Our reactions and actions to stimulation and motivation are practically automatic, much like a sneeze is involuntary.

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What determines our reactions/actions (based on my research)?  Biology, hormones, our DNA, our enzymes, our synaptic firings, and the like.

DNA Strands

Shocking?  Yes.  But until you understand WHY we do what we do, it is only then that we can establish a path to take a different course, a path that may serve us better.

We are so arrogant to think we are not animals.  We are so arrogant to think that there are NOT already processes put in place.  Get real.  Do you really think Mother Nature would let this process go to chance?  These processes are in place to insure the continuance of the species.


One last thought is our arrogance to think that the opposite sex thinks just like we do (ie ‘women want sex as much as we do’, etc.).

At first glance, the reader might be shocked, then hate me, then resist what I am saying…only to find out that when you accept who we are and what we are about, the journey to peace and success with the opposite sex is lasting.

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Ms. Gross is a Men’s Advocate who champions men being men. She empowers men to
tap into their innate skills to win over women. Due to the fallout from Women’s
Lib some 35 years ago, we have a social climate that it’s somehow no longer okay
to be a man. She sets out to right this wrong.

Ms. Gross interviewed over 20,000 men to research her book, MASTERING WOMEN. After a generation of men who were raised by single and/or overbearing moms, many men today are at a great loss with how to interact with women, much less win them over. In gathering the research for her book, she found that many men are resorting

a. Being cocky or arrogant
b. Being players
c. Being that guy waiting on the sidelines afraid to make a move and/or
d. Flat out resignation.

Ms. Gross asserts that you can be CONFIDENT and still remain
a gentleman…and she shows you how. She tells men how to be more effective with
women and helps them avoid doing the things that hold them back. Her tips are
straight to the point, easy to do, irreverent, funny, and entertaining. Her
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By liberating men, it is her conviction that not only men,
but women and children, will be elevated in this Men’s Movement. She believes
society as a whole will come to a collective understanding and stop all the game
playing that is so prevalent today.

Ms. Gross wrote this book out of curiosity and personal necessity. After a long marriage and re-entering the dating scene, she found that so many men had lost their way and were so homogenized (= womanized). She set out to find why this occurred and vowed to right this wrong.

Ms. Gross asserts that if you do the following simple 4 steps, you can win over any woman…either for a one-night stand or to win the woman of your dreams. The research leading to the 4 steps comes from how we operated as a species 10,000 years ago. Unlike popular belief, Ms. Gross asserts that not much has changed since Caveman days with regard to sex and mating as a lot of what we do is biologically and hormonally hard-wired. Ms. Gross takes these very complex processes and delivers them to you in a way that you can do TODAY. The result? You get the bottom line on how to get it done for real! No tricks, no gimmicks, no lying, no deceiving…you’re getting the real deal FROM A WOMAN. You will drop your fears and confusion about women and step into your Confidence and Power with the secrets of mating that Ms. Gross reveals.


LINDA GROSS, who goes by the penname ‘DT’, has a degree in Psychology
from UCLA, has been a co-host and guest on dozens of radio shows, had a weekly
cable TV show, was a top 10 blogger for years writing the popular column, Dating
Tips for Men, offers one-on-one consulting as well as seminars.