Don’t Walk Her Shoe-Dog.

Call it a rat, call it a girl-dog, call it a yapper, call it what you like.  I happen to call it a shoe-dog.  Why?  Because no dog should be as small as your shoe.

In the animal world, like dogs for example, using peeing to mark their “territory”.  Humans also mark their “territory”.  More notably, it’s used to mark their mate.

It’s not used as much by men marking their women (as men are more inclined to be free spirits and not be tied down), but when they do, men use the following tactics to accomplish that end:

a.     Confidence.  It is their best and most effective trait.  They can stare down another man, without words, to convey “don’t even think about f’ing with me” (over my woman).

b.    Real Estate.  It’s what I call taking up as much real estate as you can.  They outstretch their arms when seated at a booth with their woman…almost to create an “umbrella” around her.    They spread their knees as far apart as they are able.  Heck, depending on the situation, while spreading his legs, if he can let you know his package also means business, he will show that, too.

Man-against-man, it’s your physical presence that will intimidate another man.  Taking up a bigger amount of real estate makes the man appear stronger, manlier, and to his woman, it makes him appear protective, which is what women really like (1st C, Protect and Provide, from my upcoming book).

c.     Getting up in his grill.  Unlike women, men are more about the physical and less about words.  If he needs to stand up, to show you how tall he is, he will.  If he needs to be in your inner space, literally right in your face, he will, as he knows that men prefer to keep a physical distance away from each other.

d.    Getting his inner-Caveman on.  If he needs to grunt, grumble, groan, snort, spit, wipe, flick, cough, click, to get his point across…he will.  He will use whatever sound he can convey to tell you to f off, he will.

Aw, now let’s get to the little lady.  Women use territorial behavior to mark their men quite frequently.  There are two facts that you need to know.

1.     Their tactics are very subtle.

i.              When called out, they will make 100 excuses as to “It’s not what it appears” as they don’t want to appear “controlling”.

ii.             The tactics are so widely used by women, they will make you think that it’s just normal and there is nothing wrong with it.

(The reality is that it is common, but I find there IS something wrong with it…namely, her insecurity.)

iii.            And lastly, they really don’t know what they are doing or think that it has any meaning whatsoever.  They are clueless.

2.     Women are insecure.  While most women would like to remain monogamous, they know that most men don’t.  For that, they have to constantly “test” you to see if you are still worthy of their attention.

Here are the 3 tactics that women use to territorially “mark” their men:

I.      Tampons.  “On your way home, would you stop by the store and buy me some tampons?”  “What’s the big deal?  You’re going anyway/it’s on your way home?”

Your answer, in your mind, should be “hell no”.  It’s permissible to drive her to the store and she can shop for them herself.

·         What does this action mean?  She is announcing to the whole store:  “This is my man.  Back off.”

II.             Purse.  “Will you hold my purse while I go to the rest room/try on room?”

Again, that’s a “no”.  What would she do if you weren’t there, i.e. with her girlfriends?  Girl A NEVER gives her purse to Girl B.  And I mean NEVER.  If she has to lock it in the trunk or lock her knees while she pees, then, so be it.  That’s what she’d do if you weren’t there.

·         What does this action mean?  She is announcing to the whole restaurant/clothing store: “This is my man.  Back off.”

III.    Shoe-dog.  Ah, this one is a new entry.  With the advantage of genetic engineering, they have bred small dogs with small dogs to populate a small-dog gene pool to sell to the ladies.  Although it has always been said that “a dog is a Man’s best friend”, most men prefer man-sized dogs.  No guy in their right mind would buy one of these “shoe-dogs”.  Much like girls prefer to eat a salad or drink low-calorie beer, women prefer small dogs.  They are easier to take care of.

Add to this, I don’t think the dogs are happy, either.  All this genetic altering, I think makes the dog pissed off, often yappy, and annoying, not to mention, the dog is completely inferior (smaller) to the other dogs on the street.  What dog like that wouldn’t be barky?

I also think that until they pop out a kid, she delights in pampering this dog as if it’s her future baby.  She likes primping and shopping for the shoe-dog and dressing it up in play clothes…or even doll clothes.

“Honey, will you take Fluffy for a walk?”  First off, she is saying this because she is lazy and doesn’t want to do it herself.  Secondly, picking up dog poop is beneath her…but she apparently doesn’t think
it’s beneath you
Most importantly, is the following:

·         What does this action mean?  She is announcing to the whole street/neighborhood: “This is my man.  Back off.”

What’s even more bizarre is that since it’s obvious it’s her dog, I practically never see her trading duties.  Don’t you think it would make sense if she at least took her own dog out of the house 50% of the time?  What I see is these “Fluffy-ized” men taking her dog out 100% of the time.  That’s just not right.  If she just got out of surgery or broke her leg, ok, but 100% of the time, in my book, is manipulation.


So, there you have it.  You don’t have to call her out on her behavior as its likely gonna get you nowhere and will probably just start a fight.  That being said, don’t cave into this “women behaving badly” behavior.  You’re forewarned.